Balu Muley- Youth Farmer and Successful Entrepreneur

Story by- IIRD Green College 4th August 2020

“ In Marathwada Region in Aurangabad District IIRD-Green College Trained 3000 Farmers and Youth on agriculture Allied Activities training courses. There are the some of the youth that have ability to do something different from others. The story of Balu Muley is one of that.”


Balu Muley lives in 74-Jalgaon village in Paithan Taluka of Aurangabad district, this village is 38 km from the district headquarters. This Village area under the drought prom area due to insufficient availability of water. Balu Muley is a youth farmers and living in 74 jalgaon village with his family. Balu Muley is youth farmer and having 4 acres of irrigated farm. So there is necessary to do some work to fulfill the family needs that why they join in credit co-operative sector, but due to his own curiosity and to do something extra ordinary he left the job.

One day in his village a field officer- Mr. Sanghpal of IIRD Green College had come and gather the village youth and given the information about the Agri. Allied Businesses such as animal husbandry management, organic Farming, Backyard Poultry, Vegetable cultivation, Goat rearing, Bio input production etc. courses and FFS in the village level. So Balu Muley curios about poultry management. In the month of August, 2018, he successfully completed the Backyard Poultry management is the short term training course.

In that they learn about minute things about poultry. For that purpose IIRD Green College gave them Seed Capital for establishment of shade, purchase chicks. At the beginning they started 500 broiler poultry chicks. Then after three months, he got a Rs. 65000/- as a net income. All the vaccination, poultry feed preparation was making by himself. Then Second batch of poultry chicks he purchased 1000 chicks and started poultry farm in his farm in the village. By this success, he selected for HPRY (High Potential Rural Youth) for Fast Track Training and got more knowledge about business planning, how to face difficulties and how to manage it.

Poultry feed making-

With knowledge gained from the Green College course on backyard poultry management and with his own research, he came up with a nutritional poultry feed that contains prawns, maize, and some other local grains. Instead of buying poultry feed from the market, he makes the feed that is required for the chickens. He now sells this feed in the village.

Why sell the chicken to a wholesaler when we can retail the chicken meat?

Balasaheb has now started a “chicken shopee” as they call in local parlance. He now retails the meat to chicken meat lovers in the village. He can afford to sell the meat at a lower price as he makes his own poultry feed at a lower cost and he sells the chicken meat directly to the consumer. With 1000 chickens in his stock and an increasing demand for chicken, he looks forward to more income.


  • 3 poultry shed construction from available resources.
  • Initially Balu buy 500 Broiler Poultry chicks and he got net profit of Rs. 65000/- Then -
  • After getting profit, he buy 1000 broiler chicks along with deshi chicks in 2nd and 3rd No. shed.

He started poultry feed preparation from farm Products like Maize, jawar, per millets, dry fish etc. and he saved around Rs. 12500/- per month as a poultry feed from 3 shed.

Key Massage’s:

  • Preparation of poultry shed from simple idea with the material of available resources like me that cost is not more than Rs. 10000/-
  • To preparing the poultry feed from Organic farm product i.e. Maize- 70 kgs, Millets-10 kgs, Rice-10 kgs and dry fish 5 kgs and Soya -5 kgs. And we will get around 100 kgs of feed for poultry birds
  • Broiler Birds should sell to the middle man directly sold to the consumer and we will looks forward to more income from the chicken shopee.

Backyard Poultry business is good for profit in short duration. Youth farmers will be having their own farm products, so that they will save the money for poultry feed and will use this food grain for to preparation of poultry feed.

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