If you have come to this page, you are committed to make the world a better place for those marginalized. Donations to the organization go directly to improve their standard of living.

Your money could change people in many ways, such as

- INR 600 per month will provide medical care and very basic necessities (groceries, clothes) to an elderly destitute person. IIRD has already organized community grain banks to cater to their food needs.

- INR 4000 will provide scholarship to a young person with disability to acquire a vocational skill (tailoring, motor rewinding, etc). Apart from the actual costs of the training, the amount will provide special needs for transportation and accessibility

- INR 5000 will be used to start a school environmental project (plantation of trees, vermicompost unit, education materials on local biodiversity, etc) in one rural school.

- INR 6000 per year will help one needy student with disability to continue their formal education (10th grade and higher).

- INR 10000 for a cow which would help a marginal farmer earn extra income, cow dung is used as organic manure and the milk adds to the consumption of the poor farmer and also as

- INR 10000 will enable a person with disability or other marginalized persons to start a micro-enterprise (tailoring, electrical repairs, motor rewinding, and such)

- INR 10000 will provide a toilet a village

- INR 160000 will provide a homeless man live in a decent house in the village.

To get more information on the above and explore other opportunities, please write to info@iird.org.in

Donations may be through cheque or Demand Draft to the following address

Institute for Integrated Rural Development,
Kanchan Nagar, Nakshatrawadi
Aurangabad 431002
Maharashtra, INDIA.