Institute for Integrated Rural Development (IIRD) had started the SAGP (Sponsor a Granny Programme) many years back .To ensure community participation, IIRD started its Community Based Elderly Care Programme. The Community Based Elderly Care Programme needed to ensure the total development of these old people together with community participation to a large extent and also needed to ensure different modes of income generation for the elderly people. The programme included distribution of food grains, providing regular health-checkups, free cataract operations, physiotherapy unit and other basic necessities.

Direct beneficiaries

Age group Able Elders Assisted Elders Destitute Elders
Men Women Men Women Men Women
55-79 5 180 5 118 0 147
80+ 0 0 0 0 5 53
Total 5 180 5 118 5 200

Project activities carried out in the past 6 months:

  • Established 15 Grain banks in the project area and farmers groups collected 4180 Kgs of food grains in last four quarters and also 3 seasons for support to the elderly poor of the community.
  • Started the 6 Physiotheraphy Centres through the Health clinics in the project area
  • Provided regular primary health care and also regular physiotheraphy for the elderly people
  • Completed 35 eldery people's cateract operation
  • Non- surgical treatments provided to the 45 elderly grannies
  • Strengthen 22 SHG groups by training, discussions, meetings and orientation.
  • Distributed Grocery to 205 distitute elderly people in the project area by quarterly.
  • Organising the Republic Day programme on 26th January and Women's Day programme on 8th March, Environment Day programme on 5th June, IIRD's Founders Day programme on 13th April, by participating the grannies by cultural programmes, small skits, songs sang.

Health care:

  • Regular primary health care and also regular physiotheraphy for the elderly people is provided
  • Six Physiotheraphy Centres through the Health clinics in the villages ensures accessibility for the elderly people.
  • Elderly people are provided with free cataract operation
  • In addiotion, the elderly are also provided with non-surgical treatment for free.

Medical Officer of IIRD gives visit to the Community Learning Centre as per the following schedule and she gives the treatment, some times she gives home visits and check up.

Sr. No Day Name of CLC No. of grannies treated past six months
1 Monday Shekta Centre 138
2 Tuesday Dhangaon Centre 144
3 Wednesday Tondoli Centre 136
4 Thursday Jambhali Centre 134
5 Friday Karkin Centre 141
6 Saturday Babhulgaon Centre 116
7 Daily aftenoon Bidkin Centre 84

ESHG formation :

  • Formed 22 SHG groups in the project area.
  • 400 grannies are the members of Farmers groups and they are attending the monthly meetings, demonstrations on organic farming practices, involving
  • Given traning and orientation of SHGs, record keeping, opened bank account in the nearest bank
  • Two trainings have been conducted for the SHGs in the CLC level.
Sr. No. Name of the Group Village No. of members participated
1 Disha Mahila shetkari Group Shekta 22
2 Godavari Mahila shetkari group Aurangpurwadi 20
3 Pragati Mahila Shetkari group Ranjangaon 20
4 Krushi Dhan mahila Group Paithan kheda 24
5 Pratisthan Mahila Sehtkari group Farola 20
6 Sarwangini Mahila group Jambhali 20
7 Ekatmik Mahila shetkari group Bokud Jalgaon 22
8 Sawitribai Mahila shetkari group Bangla Tanda 20
9 Bhumee Mahila shetkari group Porgaon 18
10 Vasundhara Mahila sehtkari group Chincholi 18
11 Krushi Sanghtak Mahila group Tondoli 24
12 Dhartimata Mahila group Lohgaon 18
13 Dharni Mata mahila shetkari group Takli 20
14 Sahyogini mahila group Shahapur- Manegaon 17
15 Bhumiputra mahila setkari group Borgaon 20
16 Bhu Vaibhav mahila group Dhangaon 24
17 Krushi Dyanganga mahila group Wahegaon 24
18 Baliraja Mahila setkari group Karkin 20
19 Utkarsha mahila setkari group Chittegaon 18
20 Hari Om Mahila Bachat Gat Dhangaon 13
21 Jeevan Adhar Mahila Bachat Gat Takli 12
22 Nagnath Old Age Mahila Bachat Gat Wahegaon 13

Livelihood Support:

  • All the elderly people are the members of Farmers club and groups they are getting individual loans from the farmes club.
  • Some of the grannies are prepared Kitchen Garden
  • Seed bank have been started through CLCs
  • Some of the grannies are started the CCP manure, Vermi compost, etc
  • Old grannies are having Goat, poultry chicks etc
  • 13 grannies are received small house by the Government through Panchayat office.
  • 65 elderly people are sanctioned Sanjay Gandhi Niradhar Youjna, Maher yojna benefit from the Government.

Commodity support:

  • Villagers are collected the food grain for elderly people
  • Community are helping and supporting the oldest grannies for cooking, fetching the drinking water, during the festival calling them for dinner.
  • During the cateract operation day neighbours are helping them to care of the elderly grannies.

Changes or improvements on the lives of the beneficiaries as a result of the project :

IIRD has recently started the Environment Education programme through primary schools, Tree plantation programme has been completed in the month of August, so the elderly grannis have been encouraged to visit the schools and monitor, watering to the plants.

Most of elderly are living alone and they felt lonely and suffer from disabled. Most of the elderly do not have a place of their own. Most of the elders find it difficult to complete their household chores like fetching water, collecting firewood, cooking etc.

IIRD has selected the community animators to care for the elderly in helping them complete their chores and regularly visits to them encourages to the grannies.

IIRD has helped to the farmers club in which the elderly are. Farmes club are helping them and participating in the workshop, meetings, and all the grannies are the members of the farmers club.